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Deborah Grassman

Deborah Grassman Few people have been with 10,000 dying veterans; five VA hospice nurses have. What these nurses witnessed is providing lessons for the rest of the world. The lessons are about how to attain personal peace, and ironically, these lessons have come from people who were trained for war and from people who were dying. The nurses discovered a phenomenon that has become identified as “Soul Injury®.” Led by Deborah Grassman, the five nurses left the VA to start Opus Peace, a non-profit organization with a mission of taking the Soul Injury® message to people who are not veterans and to people who are not dying. These pioneering nurses now provide educational materials and self-help tools to help people learn how to self-compassionately connect with the part of self holding their pain and shame, allowing people to re-connect with their soul – with who they really are. A Nurse Practitioner, Deborah Grassman is the author of two books, Peace at Last and The Hero Within. She is a contributing author for four textbooks, has 25 published articles, and there are five documentary films featuring her work.

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ONLINE FILM Soul Injury: Liberating Unmourned Loss/Hurt and Unforgiven Guilt/Shame $24.95

This online Educational film features 4 lessons that dying Veterans taught Opus Peace Founder, Deborah Grassman, along with 3 slide shows, and film clips from 8 people who have Soul Injuries. The film is intended for use in agency trainings, community-engagement events and for personal use.

Peace at Last: Stories of Hope and Healing for Veterans and Their Families-Audio Book $14.95

Listen to the author bring the pages of this book to life. Designed to help caregivers, family members, and veterans themselves understand the impact of war, violence, and military culture on lives and emotions, this book provides lessons learned as well as a series of appendices that provide tools for intervention. 

The Hero Within: Redeeming the Destiny We Were Born to Fulfill-Audio Book $14.95

Listen to the author bring the pages of this book to life. This book describes  how to cultivate pervasive personal peace by re-owning and re-homing scattered pieces of self so that wholeness can be restored.

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