Dr. Jenni Frumer

Trauma-Informed Practice

Dr. Jenni Frumer

Dr. JENNI FRUMER has over three decades in nonprofit leadership and is the President of Jenni Frumer & Associates, LLC, offering organizational and leadership development, including executive coaching and is an expert consultant with GLI. Jenni serves as an officer on the board of the International Center for Multigenerational Legacy of Trauma. As the Director of the NOW for Holocaust Survivors Initiative at MorseLife Health System, she has established community-based, trauma-informed care services for Holocaust Survivors and their families. She is a licensed clinical social worker, has a master’s degree in education, and earned her Ph.D. in business – human capital management. She teaches graduate courses in public administration, social work, nonprofit leadership, and Human Resources.  She has published articles on community-based models of service to older adults and peer support. Jenni is a Team Leader for the Council on Accreditation and has worked with the US Marine Corps. Dr. Frumer continues to bring rich and diverse expertise to a variety of human service and business settings, including within EAP programs for Fortune 100-500 Companies.

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