Nijiama Smalls

The Black Girls Guide to Healing Emotional Wounds

Nijiama Smalls

Author of The Black Girl’s Guide to Healing Emotional Wounds Series and CEO of the Emotional Wellness Hub, Nijiama Smalls is a writer, emotional coach, and speaker. She has written for various publications and spoken on numerous platforms on the topics of healing emotional wounds, emotional intelligence, self-love, and destroying generational patterns.

The wife of Pastor Shamon Smalls, Nijiama Smalls is a mother of two and a southern bell. A native of Rock Hill, SC and current resident of Northern Virginia, she has spent many years working in various leadership roles in Corporate America. In addition, she has served as an adjunct faculty member at two local post-secondary educational institutions where she taught professional development and business-related courses. Mrs. Smalls has earned a Bachelor’s in Political Science from Winthrop University and a M.S. A certified life coach, Mrs. Smalls also holds certifications in Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness Mediation, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. She enjoys sharing her wisdom with women and leaders on their journey towards healing and managing their emotions. 

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