Vernon Sankey & Katey Lockwood

Handling Stress and Trauma in a Mindful Way

Vernon Sankey & Katey Lockwood

Vernon Sankey (Board director, Leadership Coach and Author)

Vernon Sankey was born in France, educated in the UK and graduated in Modern Languages at Oriel College, Oxford. He went straight from university into industry, where he spent the next 28 years in various countries, culminating as chief executive of a major international corporation headquartered in the UK. 

He then became a non-executive director, chairman and advisor of several large and small international companies in France, Switzerland, the UK and the US and is still active in this field today. He lectures on leadership, motivation, transformation and personal development at universities, schools and international conferences.

In 1999 he co-founded a coaching and mentoring company where he further developed his knowledge of cognitive psychology to help top business executives as well as people in all walks of life. He is proficient in clinical hypnotherapy and EQ assessment and is a passionate student of Eastern and Western philosophy.

In 2018 he published The Stairway to Happiness which reflects many of the learnings gleaned from his experience as a business leader and coach.

The Way – Finding Peace in Turbulent Times, takes The Stairway to Happiness to new levels and is his second book, co-authored with Katey Lockwood. Their third production, The Way Workbook, while based on the teachings of The Way, is a separate pedagogic product and forms the basis of a corporate course.

Vernon is married to Liz. They have four children and seven grandchildren and live in Berkshire.

Katey Lockwood (Emotional Wellbeing and Personal Transformation Coach and Author)

Katey Lockwood was born and educated in the UK and began her career in media where she worked on the Harry Potter franchise and special effects team. 

She studied NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) with Richard Bandler and The Kabbalah for a further 5 years. She then went on to study philosophy at the LSE. During the past decade she has analyzed and studied many philosophical and metaphysical principles, including the Universal Laws and The Hermetica and is also well versed in spiritual practices, including meditation.

Her knowledge of cognitive psychology, EQ assessing, clinical hypnotherapy, philosophy and spirituality has enabled Katey to coach and teach at the highest level. Her list of clients includes business executives, celebrities and high-profile sportspeople as well as those needing help and support in finding a more effective and happier way of conducting their life. Katey also does voluntary work coaching members of the public and friends. She has participated in workshops and discussions on many subjects including stress management, life skills and personal transformation.

Katey was a Trustee of the Katie Piper Foundation, whose vision is to have a world where scars do not limit a person’s function, social inclusion, or sense of well-being. Katey worked extensively with Katie Piper herself. 

The Way – Finding Peace in Turbulent Times is Katey’s first book co-authored with Vernon Sankey. The Way Course is their second venture as co-authors. They are both co-founders of

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