Benjamin Bernstein

Fast, Effective Trauma Healing with Invocations and Internal Family Systems (IFS)

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Benjamin Bernstein

“AstroShaman” Benjamin Bernstein…

  • hosts This Week in Astrology, a Top 10 Astrology Podcast.
  • is a 3-time Best Astrologer Winner in Western North Carolina’s premier reader survey.
  • is a professionally certified Astrologer, and has done over 10,000 Astrology, Shamanic Healing/IFS and Life Coaching sessions with a global clientele.
  • runs the “Awakening Plus” online spiritual support membership.
  • posts video astrology forecasts and other content on his popular YouTube channel.

Benjamin has lectured or taught at five national Astrology conferences and retreats. He wrote the Shamanic Astrology chapter in the book Transpersonal Astrology: Explorations at the Frontier.

He is also a Shamanic Healer, Awakening Activator, and Life Coach. He consistently facilitates powerful healings and spiritual awakenings in his individual and group sessions, and has devoted himself to over 40 years of spiritual practice.

Benjamin's greatest joy is helping others access or deepen their spiritual awakenings with his simple, effective invocations for healing and awakening. His spiritual path has included Kriya Yoga, Vipassana Buddhism, Peruvian shamanism, ayahuasca and San Pedro plant spirit medicine, and his invocations.

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