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Lifetime access to my 21-day trauma healing interview series – Season 2 - October 10th – 30th AND learn: 

How to release attachments and suffering from trauma
If your soul had a plan that is written in the akashic records? 
Some fast, effective trauma healing tools with Internal Family systems and invocations
The neuroscientific benefits of slow mindful yoga for healing?
How to heal trauma related to emotional eating?
About astrology for self -compassion and healing?
What shamanism is and if we are all shamans?
The Earth Warrior Way and the 6 dimensions of spiritual self-mastery?

Get Access to Season 1 – August 9th – 31st and learn:

Why trauma healing is urgent? 
Why the therapeutic use of touch is important when addressing trauma, and in particular early trauma?
What tools are suggested that anyone could do to help with their own self-regulation?  
If it is possible to heal from sexual trauma?
How rejection impacts us?

Speed up your trauma healing journey by learning different modalities for healing.

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