Jennifer Lakshmi Dove

Astrology for Self-Compassion and Healing

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Jennifer Lakshmi Dove

You are whole—and you are destined to experience your wholeness, to live authentically, full of self-compassion and with sense of freedom.

I’m Jennifer Dove and my work is built on this belief. I create group and 1:1 coaching and personal reading experiences that bring your soul’s plan to life. You are meant to have all kinds of experiences in life, some joyful and some challenging. And, the more you can be in the flow of life, the easier it is to manage the challenging experiences. Self-compassion, and by that, I mean understanding how you are designed and accepting yourself with all your quirks and uniqueness, is one of the main keys to healing. 

I am a professionally trained astrologer, a life and business coach, an intuitive, writer, dancer, and all around creative. I am here to help you learn more about who you are here to be through astrology, somatic experiences, and intuition development.

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