Johanna Derbolowsky

How to Release Attachments and Suffering from Trauma

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Johanna Derbolowsky

Johanna Derbolowsky, best-selling author of the book “The Transformation Promise”, and the workbook 28 Days to Love, Joy and Prosperity has helped clients worldwide with life’s major changes and transformations. From identifying long past incidents that can be the source of major depression or health issues today… to dealing with career changes, or finding and sustaining fulfilling relationships, to the truly ultimate transformation at the end-of-life. 

Ms. Derbolowsky, the developer of the Quantum Heart Field Experience is a recognized metaphysical teacher, spiritual counselor, energy worker and transformational coach on the forefront of healing and transformation. 

She has worked for more than 25 years in the field of metaphysics, has a private practice and conducts seminars in person and online in the US and Europe.

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