Kristine Weber

The Neuroscientific Benefits of Slow Mindful Yoga for Healing

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Kristine Weber

Kristine Weber is the founder of Subtle® Yoga and a leading authority on the neuroscientific benefits of slow, mindful yoga practice. She’s an advocate for the use of these practices as an integral part of the solution to the healthcare crisis. Her Subtle® Yoga Revolution series of online courses has been praised by thousands all over the world. 

She has studied yoga and holistic healing for more than 30 years, taught yoga since 1995, trained teachers since 2003, and trained mental health professionals to use yoga in their clinical practice for over a decade at the UNC Health Sciences Mountain Area Health Education Center. She was recently invited to speak to staff and members of the U.S. Congress at Capitol Hill about the potential benefits of yoga therapy in the healthcare system.

Kristine presents workshops and trainings internationally and speaks about the benefits of slow, mindful yoga at health care conferences and on podcasts. She has published a book and many articles and is currently conducting research on Subtle® Yoga for addiction recovery. She is from Asheville, North Carolina, but currently resides Christchurch New Zealand where she enjoys neuroprotectively chilly ocean swims. Find out more at

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