Renee LaVallee McKenna, MA CCH

Trauma Healing Through Spiritual Psi-Kology

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Renee LaVallee McKenna, MA CCH

Renee is the author of the new book Allies & Demons: Working With Spirit For Power And Healing. Allies & Demons combines the ancient healing and wisdom traditions of Shamanism and Buddhist philosophy with the best of Western psychology to create a powerful medicine for the mind, body and spirit. Since 2002, Renee has offered in person and remote sessions and workshops.

Renee is ​​an irreverent, Boston accented Shamanic healer, therapist and public artist. She was lead of the first Women's March San Francisco 2017, which redirected her life toward community service and compelled her to write the Allies & Demons book. Renee lives near the ocean in San Francisco with her two kids.​ When she's not doing therapy work or walking her dogs, she might be found installing a yarn bomb on a local telephone pole or covering gang graffiti with fun public art.

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