Dr. Elisa Magill, MBA, Ph.D.

The Empowered You! Key Connections Between our "Gut Feelings" & Personal Strength


Dr. Elisa Magill is the CEO of the Academy for Transformational Success, specializing in harnessing ones’ personal energy, performance improvement, distraction management and avoiding burnout. Elisa combines her Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, and MBA in Executive Management and Entrepreneurship with her decades of applied experience centered around emotional intelligence and resiliency research to support and empower her clients to ignite their dreams and “Make it Happen Now!”  Elisa is the Amazon best-selling author of “Harness Your Entrepreneurial ADD: How to Move from Distraction to Action in the Age of Information Overload to Supercharge Your Profits.” She is continually dedicated to discovering new ways to help people reach their true potential… creating success by design versus default! 

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