Marilyn Gordon

Profound Freedom from Your Past
Through the Power of Transformation


I help you to resolve the important issues in your life and create extraordinary transformation and healing. I’m a life transformation teacher and author, speaker, healer and hypnotherapist in the area of personal and spiritual development. I assist you to move to a higher level of your life—as well as release your old patterns, habits, challenges and thoughts and be transformed and uplifted into the full greatness of your being. I offer courses, sessions, products and more to assist you to create true breakthroughs in your life.

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How to Raise Your Vibration: Create Higher Levels of Success and Self-Realization

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Spiritual Healing Power: Move to a New Level of Spiritual Growth and Healing

Have you been searching for a deeper spiritual connection and want to find more meaning and purpose to your life? Are you ready for powerful spiritual solutions for the challenges of your life? Are you a practitioner who’d like to deepen your spiritual gifts and contribution to others?

Spiritual Healing is absolutely life transforming—for you and for clients and families. Work with higher levels of being to transform the difficulties of life… challenges like fear, loneliness, sadness, lack of love, recurring negative thoughts, illness, financial challenges, relationships, issues with work, life purpose, and contribution to the world.

This is the new level of your life: healing of your body and mind, spiritual connection and development, knowing your purpose and bringing forth your gifts to make your contribution to the world.

This is a special 6-module program given to you through videos. You'll receive many techniques to use for your own life and the lives of your clients. You'll receive many handouts and bonuses as well.

Awesome program.

$149 or 2 payments of $76.48.

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