Kerry Coast

Authentic Representation

Kerry was born beyond the treaty frontier on the west coast of what is today called "Canada." She has always lived in unceded, unsurrendered Indigenous lands, but it was not until she was twenty years old that she found that out. Meeting and spending time with people of the land answered a lot of basic human questions for a gal whose family had been dispersed all over the world by the British Empire. In time, Kerry put her experiences to work as a journalist, dramatist, and human rights advocate. She is the author of several books of history and fiction, and was the founding editor of The St’at’imc Runner newspaper, and co-founder of The BC Treaty Negotiating Times. Kerry founded an independent book label, Electromagnetic Print, to get some important voices in print. Kerry spent a decade consulting with the International Human Rights Association of American Minorities on the landmark case Edmonds v. Canada, IACHR 12.929, where the Inter-American Commission admitted the case on the basis that no domestic remedy was available to the jurisdictional dispute between a Lil'wat mother and the colonial child-apprehension scheme. Now it is finally time to embark on the archive project to assemble collections which document the relentless Indigenous resistance to assimilation.

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