Dr. Amanda Kemp

How to Transform Your Conversations About Racism

Carlla Horton, MPA

There is Life After Abuse

Hamra Ahmad, Esq.

Women Supporting Women

Judy Troilo

Discrimination of the Trans Community: What Are LGBTQ Rights and How We Can Make
a Difference

Oby Obyerodhyambo

The rights of women and sexual minorities to sexual and reproductive health services:
Re-defining identities and public policy through art and expressive culture With Oby Obyerodhyambo, Human Rights Policy Advocate

Dorinda Walker

Understanding Your Worth

Kerry Coast

Authentic Representation

Claire Hurst

Finding Strength in Our Story

Kenny Mann

Timeless Wisdom, Modern Technology and Human Rights

Toni Black

Transforming Powerful
Emotions Into Power

Claire Hurst

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